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San Antonio Spray Foam Roofing

Spray foam roofing can be applied over metal, modified roofing, built up roofing (tar and gravel), concrete, shingles, and rolled roofing. A-1 Advanced will use 2.5lb, 2.8lb or 3.0lb density polyurethane foam for roofing applications. The polyurethane foam we use is a two component, closed cell, high quality, and spray applied system.  It offers high compressive strengths and smooth surfaces. A-1 Advanced 2.8lb system is self-flashing, and provides seamless coverage by sealing all flashings, penetrations, cracks, crevices, and holes during application. It also insulates the roof decking and interior space from extreme temperatures.

How We Use the Product

At A-1 Advanced a 2.8lb high density foam is most commonly used for roofing applications, which exceeds warranty requirements. The 2.8lb foam gives our customers a more durable product that is long lasting. The higher density foam also reduces the possibility of damage from roof traffic, and extreme weather.


Polyurethane foam is generally sprayed at a one-inch or greater thickness.  The thickness of the foam can be increased to provide positive drainage (eliminating ponding water), and/or increase the R-value needed on a roof system. Foam’s self-flashing ability is second to none. Our ability to spray the foam on vertical walls, pipes, vents, skylights, and AC curbs puts it in a class of its own. No other product gives you the flexibility, or ease of application like foam does. Once the spray foam has been applied to the substrate then elastomeric roof coating will be applied.

Benefits of Spray Foam Roofing Systems

The largest benefit of a spray foam system is the ability to stops leaks without removing the original roof system.  Our spray foam roofing system will lower the operating cost throughout the products life. Operating costs are lowered by increasing the roofs R-value, enhancing energy efficiency, and providing a low maintenance roofing system. It will strengthen most roof decks and metal roofs, because of the spray foam’s rigidity, high density and lightweight properties.  Spray foam is classified as a monolithic membrane, meaning that there are no seams, overlaps fasteners or breaks in the roofing system.

Roof coating san antonio spray foam seguin foam insulation san antonio
San Antonio Roof Spray Foam Coating Insulation Commercial Roofing Seguin
San Antonio Roof Spray Foam Coating Insulation Commercial Roofing Seguin

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