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Roof coatings are available in many different products. The coatings have different benefits, but all can prolong the life of a roof, strengthen the roof, and protect it from environmental wear. These products can be applied to almost all roof surfaces. The coating best for you will depend on type of roof, budget, and preference.


The benefits of roof coatings vary from material to material. The best benefit it has is the ability to cool any structure it is applied to. Coating is an energy efficient product, and is easy to apply to various roof surfaces. Coating can be renewed by recoating, which eliminates costly expenses of complete roof removals. Can be applied in a variety of different colors. Coatings don’t have seams that leak.

The Best Roof Coating Materials and Products

When it comes to professional roof coating services, A-1 Advanced offers the highest-quality products and materials to match your needs and deliver unparalled excellence on any project.


We offer acrylic roof coating, silicon roof coating, and even spray foam roof coating to ensure that no matter what your needs, we have you covered. Our coating services offer the best longevity, value and quality. Our South Texas roof coating experts will help you match your roof coating system with your exact needs.

Energy Savings and Longevity for All

Our Spray Foam Coating can be applied to nearly any type of structure in order to complete a weatherproof seal that also provides exceptional longevity and energy conservation. Some of the buildings we can service include:


  • Workshops
  • Metal Frame Buildings
  • Garages
  • Flat Roofed Buildings
  • Shingled Residences
  • Metal Roofed Buildings
  • and more!


Contact our team today to see how our spray foam coating can help you save money on your energy costs and create a long-lasting roof that will stand up to all the South Texas weather.

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